Can your exterior wall paint… contribute to energy saving?

Definitely! Discover all the benefits of thermoprotective paint

Summer is on the way, and with it comes a growing concern for the upcoming electricity bills. This year, we may be worrying even more due to price hikes, which means it is time we started thinking seriously about insulating our home, so that we can regulate indoor temperatures as much as possible, without the continuous and expensive use of air conditioning units.

Let us look at insulating paint together, and more specifically the thermoprotective VIVECRYL THERMOELASTIC ECO paint by VIVECHROM, which is our No. 1 suggestion for effective and affordable insulation all year round.

What is it and how does it work?

VIVECRYL THERMOELASTIC ECO is an excellent quality, ecological acrylic paint that creates a special film on your exterior walls, characterized by high solar reflectance value (SR), high infrared emittance (ε) and high reflectance index value (SRI). It has special raw materials with thermo insulating characteristics, contributing to energy saving, during winter and summer. It retains its elasticity between -20°C to 80°C allowing walls to ‘breathe’ and collect less indoor moisture, helping your home reach higher energy performance goals, while combing waterproofing and ‘breathability’ for long term protection from any weather conditions! Due its high tech composition, it also protects the film from mould, especially on surfaces with known moisture issues.


• Reduces indoor temperature in the summer while retaining heat in the winter
• Excellent durability and high coverage
• Perfectly covers hairline cracks and peeling damage
• Certified cold colour
• Easy to use, fast drying
• Excellent application spread with aesthetically pleasing results
• Helps reduce your carbon footprint
• Colours remain unchanged for many years
• Suitable for all types of old and new exterior walls

Why invest in a simple paint job for your house or holiday home, when you can also enhance your insulation performance at the same time? Consult our colour specialists at Chakarian Colour Centre stores and find out how you can make use of all of VIVECRYL THERMOELASTIC ECO’s incredible properties.

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