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Size: 10L
Finish: Matt

Vivecryl Thermoelastic Eco is an excellent quality ecological acrylic, special thermoprotective and insulating paint for exterior walls.

Coverage up to 11m2 per litre


Composition: Water based
Drying Time: 3hr
Use on: Wall
VOC: Low

Product Details

It has special raw materials with thermo insulating characteristics, contributing to energy saving, during winter and summer. It retains its elasticity between -20°c to 80°c and covers completely all existing hairlines and small cracks, offering exceptional waterproofing against humidity.
Due to its fungicidal additives, it protects the surface of the dry paint film from mould and green spots. It offers a magnificent matt surface and its shades remain fadeless for many years.
Vivecryl thermoelastic eco is a certified cool paint characterized by high solar reflectance value (sr), high infrared emittance (ε) and high reflectance index value (sri).

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