Sikkens Wapex 660: The leading paint for floors and walls

Ideal for businesses and homes – with durable colours and many other advantages

All sectors progress and evolve and the same applies for serious companies involved with paint and construction materials. Their products must adapt to the needs and requirements of the times.

In recent years, companies are making innovations in paint technologies and creating paints that are more environmentally-friendly and also more durable.

Sikkens Wapex 660 stands apart

One of the products that stands out in the market is Wapex 660 by Sikkens. It was recently awarded Product of the Year 2021 in the category of innovation at a leading DIY fair which took place in Greece. This very important award included votes from the public, which verifies the reliability and quality of the product.

The advantages of Sikkens Wapex 660

Wapex 660 by Sikkens is a top-quality dual-component epoxy which is water-soluble and gives floors and walls a satin (medium gloss) effect with high durability and no blistering.
– It creates an extremely tough and elegantly smooth surface on floors and walls without seams.
– Easy to use with very good coverage on floor and walls.
– Low odour and practically odourless.
– Strong resistance to shocks, grease, stains, pressure, abrasion, chemicals and strong acids.
– Cleans easily.
– Available in a wide variety of colours.

It is also worth noting that, being a water-based paint, it contributes to the protection of the environment.

Ideal for business and homes
Thanks to its high resistance to chemicals and heavy mechanical loads, Wapex 660 is ideal for use on the floors and walls of business premises which withstand intense daily activities and a lot of pressure on the floors.

It has already been used with excellent results in cafes, restaurants, playrooms, hotels, parking lots, showrooms, warehouses, factories and industrial premises, professional kitchens, shops, hospitals, gyms, garages and of course homes

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