ThermoProtect: The leading thermal insulation system

The advantages of Vivechrom’s THERMOPROTECT system and why it’s the ideal choice for both professionals and individuals

Thermal insulation has become a very important feature in the construction of a house or building. In recent years, thermal insulation has become a priority for both manufacturers and individuals who recognise the numerous benefits it can offer.

Among other benefits:

– It offers affordability as it reduces the cost of energy consumption for heating and cooling. With the right thermal insulation, heat losses are reduced which in turn reduces the need for heating and cooling systems. It is estimated that thermal insulation can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

– It brings comfort and quality of life to our homes and spaces.

– It protects buildings from damp and other causes of damage.

– By saving energy, it also protects the environment.

Vivechrom Thermo Protect

THERMOPROTECT for both summer and winter

Vivechrom’s THERMOPROTECT external thermal insulation system consists of a range of products, designed to be seamlessly integrated at every stage of application. Its certified quality guarantees durability and long-life.

It is a technologically advanced system of external thermal insulation and offers a choice of different thermal insulation boards (EPS, XPS, Rockwool), adhesives and plasters in paste form that come in a wide array of granulometries and colour shades.
The system has received European Technical Assessment (ETA) and has the ETA certificate numbered 21/0442.

By choosing Vivechrom’s THERMOPROTECT system, you are guaranteed that the materials have been tested both individually and in their entirety as part of the system.

Its fast and simple application makes Vivechrom’s THERMOPROTECT system an economical and safe solution that is also long lasting.

Mandatory Energy Certificate

Energy consumption of buildings is at least 40% of the total energy consumed in the European Union. With this in mind, it becomes self-explanatory why all new buildings are required to have an Energy Certificate. This Certificate is now also mandatory in any renovation or alteration of existing older buildings.

The Certificate is an important indicator of affordability and comfort of living and for determining the value of the building on the real estate market.

That is why manufacturers and individuals alike are looking for the best material on the market that can offer long-lasting ideal thermal insulation.

The advantages of THERMOPROTECT:

1. Provides thermal balance to a building. It keeps the walls warm when the weather is cold, while in the summer months it prevents the walls from overheating.
2. Thermal insulation and maintaining a constant internal temperature.
3. Protection from adverse weather conditions. It is water repellent and at the same time prevents the formation of water vapour condensation between the masonry and the formation of internal mould.
4. Covers and insulates areas with significant deficiencies in insulation (such as columns, concrete zoning, masonry recesses, etc.). This avoids thermal bridging.
5. Due to reduced temperature stress, it prevents cracks caused by temperature differences, from forming on the exterior of the building.
6. High durability and significantly longer life.
7. Improving the energy efficiency of the building and reducing heating and cooling costs.
8. Subsequent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
9. Improvement of healthy living conditions and thermal comfort.
10. Ensures an extremely aesthetic finish for both new and old buildings.
11. Thermal insulation with THERMOPROTECT by Vivechrom is a clear indicator of environmental consciousness.

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