This summer it is time for the roof… put a coat on it!

Everything you need to know about Roof Waterproofing.

If you happen to be the kind of person that can’t truly enjoy a vacation without jotting down everything that has to be done when you return, we suggest adding ‘roof coating’ to your summer schedule. Because while summer is officially here and relaxation may be our only priority at the moment, protecting our home is also something we should start planning ahead for.

There is however, no need to worry. Researching options, lugging around heavy materials as well as coming and going endlessly, will not be necessary. When we refer to ‘roof coating’ we refer to the easiest and most effective waterproofing method available, which can be applied by each and every new homeowner, even with no DIY experience at all.

What is roof coating and why is it important?

For us, summer protection means using plenty of sunscreen and never leaving home without a hat and sunglasses. During the winter, we protect ourselves from the elements by investing in waterproof jackets, air-proof anorachs, sweaters, gloves and anything else that will keep us warm and dry.

For our roof, roof waterproofing means protection from adverse weather conditions, moisture, standing water. The polyurethane roof waterproofing coating ISOTOP™ PU HYBRID by Vivechrom, shields our home and all our loved ones, all year round.

Why choose Vivechrom ISOTOP™ PU HYBRID?

• New hybrid technology elastomeric waterproof roof coating, based on acrylic polyurethane
• Forms a membrane resistant to moisture, standing water and ice
• Certified cool paint with high solar reflectance 92%.
• Bridges cracks and exposed joints already created by temperature change
• With excellent adhesion and high elasticity, it offers excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions from + 80 °C to -25°C.
• Significantly reduces the roof temperature in summer and keeps it waterproof during the winter, minimizing the need for air conditioning and thus contributing to energy saving
• Offers maximum roof protection with results lasting 25+ years. Certified by the Instituto Eduardo Torroja (ETA-17/0924).

So remember, during summer when you are well rested and filled with a renewed sense energy and strength, it will be time to renovate your home and give your roof the long-lasting protection that it needs. You can do it your self or ask for a Professional Painter help using the superior ISOTOP PU HYBRID by Vivechrom.

Find out everything you need to know about how to apply the roof coating here.
Purchase online here.


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